Toxoplasma gondii disrupts {beta}1 integrin signaling and focal adhesion formation during monocyte hypermotility [Immunology]

The CDC50A extracellular domain is required for forming a functional complex with and chaperoning phospholipid flippases to the plasma membrane [Membrane Biology]

Chaperone-mediated autophagy and endosomal microautophagy: joint by a chaperone [Metabolism]

Posted on Dec 15th, 2017 - By Kumsal A Tekirdag, Ana Maria Cuervo

Nonhomologous DNA End Joining for Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks [Protein Structure and Folding]

The ubiquitin E3 ligase CHIP promotes proteasomal degradation of the serine/threonine protein kinase PINK1 during staurosporine-induced cell death [Cell Biology]

Posted on Dec 14th, 2017 - By Lang Yoo, Kwang Chul Chung

Subtle changes at the variable domain interface of the T-cell receptor can strongly increase affinity [Immunology]

Posted on Dec 14th, 2017 - By Preeti Sharma, David M Kranz

The inducible microRNA-203 in fish represses the inflammatory responses to Gram-negative bacteria by targeting IL-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 [Gene Regulation]

Posted on Dec 14th, 2017 - By Tianjun Xu, Qing Chu, Junxia Cui, Xueyan Zhao

Structural and Functional Effects of Cytochrome b5 Interactions with Human Cytochrome P450 Enzymes [Enzymology]

Posted on Oct 27th, 2017 - By Aaron G. Bart, Emily E. Scott

Structural analyses of the bacterial primosomal protein DnaB reveal that it is a tetramer and forms a complex with a primosomal re-initiation protein [Protein Structure and Folding]

Efficient reduction of CO2 by the molybdenum-containing formate dehydrogenase from Cupriavidus necator (Ralstonia eutropha). [Molecular Biophysics]

Palmitoylation is a prerequisite for dimerization-dependent raftophilicity of rhodopsin [Membrane Biology]

Posted on Jul 26th, 2017 - By Keiji Seno, Fumio Hayashi

Iron Transport Proteins: Gateways of Cellular and Systemic Iron Homeostasis [Cell Biology]

Posted on Jun 16th, 2017 - By Mitchell D. Knutson

A ciliary opsin in the brain of a marine annelid zooplankton is UV-sensitive and the sensitivity is tuned by a single amino acid residue [Molecular Biophysics]

Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-induced Degradation of DNAJB12 Stimulates BOK Accumulation and Primes Cancer Cells for Apoptosis [Cell Biology]

The sialate O-acetylesterase EstA from gut Bacteroidetes species enables sialidase-mediated cross-species foraging of 9-O-acetylated sialoglycans [Microbiology]

Posted on May 19th, 2017 - By Lloyd S Robinson, Warren G Lewis, Amanda L Lewis

Functional regions of the peroxin Pex19 necessary for peroxisome biogenesis [Membrane Biology]

H2S oxidation by nanodisc-embedded human sulfide quinone oxidoreductase [Enzymology]

Posted on May 16th, 2017 - By Aaron P Landry, David P Ballou, Ruma Banerjee

Reactive Oxygen Species Production Induced by Pore Opening in Cardiac Mitochondria: The Role of Complex II [Bioenergetics]

Disease-Associated Extracellular Loop Mutations in the Adhesion G Protein-Coupled Receptor G1 (ADGRG1; GPR56) Differentially Regulate Downstream Signaling [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Posted on Apr 19th, 2017 - By Ayush Kishore, Randy A. Hall

pH regulation in early endosomes and interferon-inducible transmembrane proteins control avian retrovirus fusion [Membrane Biology]

The RecJ2 Protein in the Thermophilic Archaeon Thermoplasma acidophilum Is a 3′ 5′ Exonuclease and Associates with a DNA Replication Complex [Microbiology]

Adjacent channelrhodopsin-2 residues within transmembranes 2 and 7 regulate cation selectivity and distribution of the two open states [Membrane Biology]

Posted on Mar 16th, 2017 - By Ryan Richards, Robert E. Dempski

Two alternative binding mechanisms connect the protein translocation Sec71/Sec72 complex with heat shock proteins [Protein Structure and Folding]

A New General Method for Simultaneous Fitting of Temperature- and Concentration-Dependence of Reaction Rates Yields Kinetic and Thermodynamic Parameters for HIV Reverse Transcriptase Specificity [DNA and Chromosomes]

Posted on Mar 2nd, 2017 - By An Li, Jessica L. Ziehr, Kenneth A. Johnson

Structural Basis for the Lesion-scanning Mechanism of the Bacterial MutY DNA Glycosylase [Enzymology]

Super-resolution visualization of caveolae deformation in response to osmotic stress [Signal Transduction]

Posted on Jan 17th, 2017 - By Lu Yang, Suzanne Scarlata

Autoinhibition of the Nuclease ARTEMIS is Mediated by a Physical Interaction between Its Catalytic and C-terminal Domains [Immunology]

RIT1 GTPase Regulates Sox2 Transcriptional Activity and Hippocampal Neurogenesis [Signal Transduction]

Posted on Dec 22nd, 2016 - By Sajad Mir, Weikang Cai, Douglas A. Andres

Molecular Identification of D-Ribulokinase in Budding Yeast and Mammals [Enzymology]

A Conserved Tripeptide Sequence at the C-terminus of the Poxvirus DNA Processivity Factor D4 is Essential for Protein Integrity and Function [Microbiology]

Posted on Nov 11th, 2016 - By Nuth, M., Guan, H., Ricciardi, R. P.

Necroptosis-like neuronal cell death caused by cellular cholesterol accumulation [Neurobiology]

The phosphoinositide 3-kinase regulates retrograde trafficking of the iron permease CgFtr1 and iron homeostasis in Candida glabrata [Microbiology]

Posted on Oct 11th, 2016 - By Sharma, V., Purushotham, R., Kaur, R.

Cdc24 is essential for long-range end resection in the repair of dsDNA breaks [Metabolism]

Posted on Oct 11th, 2016 - By Zhang, H., Hua, Y., Li, R., Kong, D.

Bipartite Role of Hsp90 Keeps CRAF Kinase Poised for Activation [Protein Structure and Folding]

N6-methyladenosine seqencing highlights the involvement of mRNA methylation in oocyte meiotic maturation and embryo development by regulating translation in Xenopus laevis [Developmental Biology]

Identification of the plant ribokinase and discovery of a role for Arabidopsis ribokinase in nucleoside metabolism [Plant Biology]

Structures of a Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetase Module Bound to MbtH-Like Proteins Support a Highly Dynamic Domain Architecture [Protein Structure and Folding]

Leptin Enhances TH2 and ILC2 Responses in Allergic Airway Disease [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Proof of Principle: Coronin 1A – An Intrinsic Modulator of T Lymphocyte Function [Signal Transduction]

Severe Molecular Defects Exhibited by the R179H Mutation in Human Vascular Smooth Muscle {alpha}-Actin [Protein Structure and Folding]

DUSP1 maintains IRF1 and leads to increased expression of IRF1-dependent genes: A mechanism promoting glucocorticoid-insensitivity [Signal Transduction]

A Glutaredoxin-BolA Complex Serves as an Iron-Sulfur Cluster Chaperone for the Cytosolic Cluster Assembly Machinery [Metabolism]

Allostery Wiring Map for Kinesin Energy Transduction and its Evolution [Enzymology]

Different Divalent Cations Alter the Kinetics and Fidelity of DNA Polymerases [DNA and Chromosomes]

Posted on Aug 8th, 2016 - By Vashishtha, A. K., Wang, J., Konigsberg, W. H.

Rice endosperm starch phosphorylase (Pho1) assembles with disproportionating enzyme (Dpe1) to form a protein complex that enhances synthesis of malto-oligosaccharides [Metabolism]

Functional Annotation of a Presumed Nitronate Monooxygenase Reveals a New Class of NADH:quinone Reductases [Enzymology]

Posted on Aug 8th, 2016 - By Ball, J., Salvi, F., Gadda, G.

An oral load of [13C3]glycerol and blood NMR analysis detect fatty acid esterification, pentose phosphate pathway and glycerol metabolism through the tricarboxylic acid cycle in human liver [Lipids]

Posted on Jul 18th, 2016 - By Jin, E. S., Sherry, A. D., Malloy, C. R.

High affinity binding of the receptor-associated protein D1D2 domains with the LDL receptor-related protein (LRP1) involves bivalent complex formation: Critical roles of lysine 60 and 191. [Molecular Biophysics]

Posted on Jul 11th, 2016 - By Prasad, J. M., Young, P. A., Strickland, D. K.

NEDD4L Catalyzes Ubiquitination of PIK3CA and Regulates PI3K-AKT Signaling [Signal Transduction]

Sialylation of GPI Anchors of Mammalian Prions is Regulated in a Host-, Tissue- and Cell-Specific Manner [Glycobiology and Extracellular Matrices]

Dual Function of Phosphoubiquitin in Activation of Parkin [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Structure and Mechanism of Isopropylmalate Dehydrogenase from Arabidopsis thaliana: Insights on Leucine and Aliphatic Glucosinolate Biosynthesis [Protein Structure and Folding]

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 - By Lee, S. G., Nwumeh, R., Jez, J. M.

Formation of a chloride-conducting state in the Maltose ATP-Binding Cassette (ABC) transporter [Protein Structure and Folding]

Posted on Apr 7th, 2016 - By Carlson, M. L., Bao, H., Duong, F.

DNA Polymerase III, but not Polymerase IV, Must be Bound to {tau}-Containing DnaX Complex to Enable Exchange into Replication Forks [Enzymology]

Structural Divergence of the Group I Intron-Binding Surface in Fungal Mitochondrial Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetases that Function in RNA Splicing [RNA]

Role of glyoxylate shunt in oxidative stress response [Microbiology]

Entry of Bluetongue virus capsid requires the late endosomal specific lipid lysobisphosphatidic acid [Lipids]

Posted on Apr 1st, 2016 - By Patel, A., Mohl, B.-P., Roy, P.

Quantification of cooperativity in heterodimer-DNA binding improves the accuracy of binding specificity models [Computational Biology]

Transcription elongation factor NusA is a general antagonist of Rho-dependent termination in Escherichia coli. [Microbiology]

Posted on Feb 12th, 2016 - By Qayyum, M. Z., Dey, D., Sen, R.

Regulation of Monocarboxylic Acid Transporter 1 Trafficking by the Canonical Wnt/{beta}-catenin Pathway in Rat Brain Endothelial Cells, Requiring a Crosstalk with Notch Signaling [Signal Transduction]

Role of Intrinsic Protein Disorder in the Function and Interactions of the Transcriptional Coactivators CREB-Binding Protein (CBP) and p300 [Signal Transduction]

Posted on Feb 5th, 2016 - By Dyson, H. J., Wright, P. E.

Thumb Site 2 Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Viral RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Allosterically Block the Transition from Initiation to Elongation [RNA]

Posted on Feb 5th, 2016 - By Li, J., Johnson, K. A.

Design principles involving protein disorder facilitate specific substrate selection and degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome system [Protein Synthesis and Degradation]

Posted on Feb 5th, 2016 - By Guharoy, M., Bhowmick, P., Tompa, P.

Expanding the Range of Protein Function at the Far end of the Order-Structure Continuum [Molecular Biophysics]

Posted on Feb 5th, 2016 - By Burger, V. M., Nolasco, D. O., Stultz, C. M.

Nutrient-Regulated Phosphorylation of ATG13 Inhibits Starvation-Induced Autophagy [Membrane Biology]

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2016 - By Puente, C., Hendrickson, R. C., Jiang, X.

Coordinative Modulation of Chlorothricin Biosynthesis by Binding of the Glycosylated Intermediates and End Product to A Responsive Regulator ChlF1 [Gene Regulation]

The lipid bilayer modulates the structure and function of an ATP-binding cassette exporter [Membrane Biology]

Posted on Jan 2nd, 2016 - By Zoghbi, M. E., Cooper, R. S., Altenberg, G. A.

Thromboxane A2 Receptor Inhibition Suppresses Multiple Myeloma Cell Proliferation by Inducing P38/JNK MAP Kinase Mediated-G2/M Progression Delay and Cell Apoptosis [Signal Transduction]

CXCL1/MGSA is a novel glycosaminoglycan (GAG)-binding chemokine: structural evidence for two distinct non-overlapping binding domains [Immunology]

Posted on Dec 31st, 2015 - By Sepuru, K. M., Rajarathnam, K.

Cyclable Condensation and Hierarchical Assembly of Metastable Reflectin Proteins, the Drivers of Tunable Biophotonics [Cell Biology]

Inhibition of RPE65 Retinol Isomerase Activity by Inhibitors of Lipid Metabolism [Lipids]

Recruitment of Mcm10 to Sites of Replication Initiation Requires Direct Binding to the MCM Complex [DNA and Chromosomes]

Posted on Dec 30th, 2015 - By Douglas, M. E., Diffley, J. F. X.

Phototransduction influences metabolic flux and nucleotide metabolism in mouse retina. [Neurobiology]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Ras regulates Rb via NORE1A [Signal Transduction]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By Barnoud, T., Donninger, H., Clark, G. J.

The chromatin regulator BRPF3 preferentially activates the HBO1 acetyltransferase but is dispensable for mouse development and survival [Gene Regulation]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Modulation of potassium channels inhibits bunyavirus infection [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2


Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By Dmitriev, O. Y., Lutsenko, S., Muyldermans, S.

Human Enteroids/Colonoids and Intestinal Organoids Functionally Recapitulate Normal Intestinal Physiology and Pathophysiology [Cell Biology]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Deficiency of Neuronal p38{alpha}-MAPK Attenuates Amyloid Pathology in Alzheimer’s Mouse and Cell Models through Facilitating Lysosomal Degradation of BACE1 [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

A Unique Tool for Cellular Structural Biology: In-cell NMR [Cell Biology]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By Luchinat, E., Banci, L.

Introduction: Modern Technologies for In-Cell Biochemistry [Protein Structure and Folding]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By Lutsenko, S.

Identification of the Glycosaminoglycan Binding Site of Interleukin-10 by NMR Spectroscopy [Glycobiology and Extracellular Matrices]

Mitochondrial sulfide quinone oxidoreductase prevents activation of the unfolded protein response in hydrogen sulfide [Protein Synthesis and Degradation]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By Horsman, J. W., Miller, D. L.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa EftM is a Thermoregulated Methyltransferase [Microbiology]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Rapid activation of bone morphogenic protein 9 by receptor-mediated displacement of pro-domains [Protein Structure and Folding]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Mutational constraints on local unfolding inhibit the rheological adaptation of von Willebrand factor [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Posted on Dec 16th, 2015 - By pthomas2

C-terminal Domain of Leucyl-tRNA Synthetase from Pathogenic Candida albicans Recognizes Both tRNASer and tRNALeu [RNA]

Inhibition of G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 prevents the dysfunctional cardiac substrate metabolism in fatty acid synthase-transgenic mice [Signal Transduction]

Posted on Dec 15th, 2015 - By Abd Alla, J., Graemer, M., Fu, X., Quitterer, U.

Involvement of receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand-induced incomplete cytokinesis in polyploidization of osteoclasts [Developmental Biology]

Posted on Dec 15th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Starvation Induces Proteasome Autophagy with Different Pathways for Core and Regulatory Particle [Cell Biology]

A Novel Serpin Regulatory Mechanism: SERPINB9 is Reversibly Inhibited By Vicinal Disulfide Bond Formation in the Reactive Center Loop. [Immunology]

Posted on Dec 15th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Leishmania donovani exploits myeloid cell leukemia 1 (MCL-1) protein to prevent mitochondria dependent host cell apoptosis [Cell Biology]

High Affinity Heme Binding to a Heme Regulatory Motif on the Nuclear Receptor Rev-erb{beta} Leads to its Degradation and Indirectly Regulates its Interaction with Nuclear Receptor Corepressor [Metabolism]

Posted on Dec 15th, 2015 - By Carter, E. L., Gupta, N., Ragsdale, S. W.

Nerve Growth Factor is Regulated by Toll-Like Receptor 2 in Human Intervertebral Discs [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Posted on Dec 14th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Insulin Is Required to Maintain Albumin Expression by Inhibiting Forkhead Box O1 [Molecular Bases of Disease]

Posted on Dec 14th, 2015 - By Chen, Q., Lu, M., Monks, B. R., Birnbaum, M. J.

Low Level Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Decrease Connexin36 Gap Junction Coupling in Mouse and Human Islets through Nitric Oxide Mediated Protein Kinase C{delta} [Signal Transduction]

Posted on Dec 14th, 2015 - By pthomas2

Inhibition of MAP Kinase-Interacting Kinase (MNK) Preferentially Affects Translation of mRNAs Containing both a 5′-Terminal Cap and Hairpin [RNA]

Farnesoid X receptor protects against kidney injury in uninephrectomized obese mice [Metabolism]

Selective Recognition of H3.1K36 dimethylation / H4K16 acetylation facilitates the regulation of ATRA-responsive genes by putative chromatin reader ZMYND8 [Cell Biology]

Posted on Dec 11th, 2015 - By pthomas2

SIRT1 Limits Adipocyte Hyperplasia Through c-Myc Inhibition [Metabolism]

Posted on Dec 11th, 2015 - By pthomas2