Executive Committee

The Division is indebted to the members who have agreed to further its interests by serving as officers or committee members.


Sheila David


University of California, Davis

David Giedroc


Indiana University

F. Wayne Outten


University of South Carolina

Christine Chow


Wayne State University

Program Committee

Phoebe Glazer

Committee Chair, 2022

University of Kentucky

Kate Pletneva

Committee Chair, 2021

Dartmouth University

Mark Distefano

Committee Chair, 2020

University of Minnesota

Phil Bevilacqua

Committee Chair, 2019

Pennsylvania State University

Nominating Committee

Laura Dassama

Stanford University

Sarah Keane

University of Michigan

Tim Stemmler

Wayne State University


Amanda Bird

Ohio State University

Amanda Hargrove

Duke University

Jordan Meier

National Cancer Institute

Jennifer Petter

Arrakis Therapeutics

Alternate Councilors

Ming Hammond

University of Utah

Anne-Frances Miller

University of Kentucky

Martina Ralle

Oregon Health and Science University

Aaron Smith

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Advisory Committee (At Large)

Kay Ahn

Janssen Research and Development

Ruma Banerjee

University of Michigan

Kelly Chacón

Reed College

Liliya Yatsunyk

Swarthmore College

MPPG Representative

Rachel Austin

Barnard College


Paul Thomas

Northwestern University