Executive Committee

The Division is indebted to the members who have agreed to further its interests by serving as officers or committee members.



Craig Townsend, Johns Hopkins University


Anne-Frances Miller, University of Kentucky


Thomas Meek, Texas A&M University


Christine Chow, Wayne State University

Program Committee

Liz Hedstrom

Committee Chair, 2017

Liz Hedstrom, Brandeis University

Committee Chair, 2018

Shana Kelley, University of Toronto

Committee Chair, 2019

Phil Bevilacqua, Pennsylvania State University

Committee Chair, 2020

Mark Distefano, University of Minnesota

Nominating Committee

Sarah Michel, University of Maryland
James Hougland, Syracuse University
Victoria DeRose, University of Oregon


Barb Golden, Purdue University
Coran Watanabe, Texas A&M University
Andrew Murkin, University of Buffalo
Lana Saleh, New England Biolabs

Alternate Councilors

Tonya Zeczycki, East Carolina University
Keri Colabroy, Muhlenberg College
Rob Minto, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis
Andy Fisher, University of California, Davis

Advisory Committee (At Large)

Karen Allen, Boston University
Michelle Hamm, University of Richmond
Suzanne Walker, Harvard University
Squire Booker, Pennsylvania State University

MPPG Representative

Yi Tang, University of California, Los Angeles


Paul Thomas, Northwestern University