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Message from the Chair: Sheila David, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am excited (and a bit scared) to be writing my first DBC newsletter as the incoming Chair! Being the Chair is daunting based on the shoes of our previous Chair, Anne-Frances Miller, which I know that I will not possibly be able to fill! I want to thank Anne-Frances for a tremendous job as Division Chair—as we all know this has been a difficult year! Anne-Frances boldly and enthusiastically led and navigated the Division through canceled ACS meetings, new virtual platforms, and into a now potentially a new era of science-life that will continue to have some virtual aspects (Zoom zoom!) Thanks so much Anne-Frances!

Anne-Frances inherited the task to increasing our Division awards, and she and Liz Hedstrom have done a fantastic job in working on establishing the Abeles-Jencks Award (see more on this below). Anne-Frances had also envisioned many exciting plans to increase engagement of younger scientists and amplify the poster sessions (stay tuned for in-person meetings to see this in action!). She is also responsible for the DBC “sticker” contests (see above) which we planned to give out at ACS meetings. Anne-Frances also took on the onerous task, along with our wonderful treasurer, Christine Chow, to get our DBC budget in-line by streamlining our mechanisms for supporting meetings outside of ACS.

For more information, please see the newsletter below!

Sheila David

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