The Division of Biological Chemistry provides grants to its members to support symposia at ACS Regional meetings and for conferences in research areas of interest to the Division membership.

Grant Applications

The Division of Biological Chemistry awards grants of up to $1500 to support symposia at Regional ACS meetings and larger conferences. Members interested in applying for support from the division for a symposium or conference should submit an outline for the event as an e-mail attachment to Treasurer Christy Chow, The application should include the following information:

Applications for support of symposia at Regional ACS Meetings

  • Description of the symposium
  • Dates and site of Regional ACS Meeting
  • Number of one-half day sessions
  • Tentative list of speakers
  • Amount requested
  • Contact information for organizer

Applications to support National Conferences

  • Name of conference
  • Dates and site
  • Brief description of conference
  • Tentative list of speakers
  • Amount requested
  • Contact information for organizer

These proposals will be reviewed twice a year at the Division’s Business meetings, which are generally held during the Spring and Fall ACS meetings. The deadlines for receipt of applications are March 1 and August 1 for review at the Spring and Fall ACS meetings, respectively. Unfortunately, due to increased numbers of funding requests, proposals received after a given deadline will only be considered at the business meeting held after the next deadline. These awards are intended to provide our members with new forums in which to present their work, and to support focused conferences on biochemistry/chemical biology. Proposals judged not to meet these objectives, such as requests for blanket support of regional ACS meetings, are unlikely to be funded.

Supported Conferences and Symposia

Please browse the PDF lists below to see what conferences and symposia were sponsored/supported by the Division.