Propose an ACS DBC Symposium

The Division of Biological Chemistry seeks symposium proposals that address specific topics relevant to the field of Biological Chemistry. A symposium is a chance to have 4-6 speakers for a half day in an area of interest to the Biological Division of the ACS. Typically the organizer speaks and then invites 3-5 other speakers. To… Read More

Proposals for DBC Conference Support

Grant Applications The Division of Biological Chemistry provides grants on a competitive basis to its members to support symposia at ACS Regional meetings and for conferences in research areas of interest to the Division membership. Up to $250 may be awarded for a symposium, up to $750 for a short conference and up to $1500… Read More

Conferences of Broad Interest

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Conferences on Enzyme Mechanisms

Enzymology is a key interest of many of the members of the Division of Biological Chemistry. There are several national and regional conferences that highlight advances in our understanding of enzyme structure, function and mechanism. Please check the links below for the most up-to-date information. [ezposts options="children" sortby="date" order="asc" past_heading="Enzyme Conferences"] Read More


The Division works actively to support meetings that are of interest to our members, and to provide travel support to students and postdocs to attend the ACS National Meetings. ACS National Meeting ACS Fall 2023, Harnessing the Power of Data, August 13-17, 2023, San Francisco, CA Phoebe Glazer, University of Kentucky, will serve as the… Read More