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Message from the Chair: Anne-Frances Miller, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues and Friends in Science,

Highlights from the National Meeting: (Orlando)
April flew by, and soon summer will be upon us. However the spring ACS meeting’s benefits linger. I have read papers I downloaded after hearing a great talk, tried a new graphical representation I saw for the first time, and even written an exam question based on discussion after a presentation. Biological sessions in honor of award winners were packed. Congratulations to the Nakanishi and Breslow National award winners, Lewis Kay and David Tirrell, respectively. We thank ACS-Chemical Biology for sponsoring a great symposium on molecular tools and nucleic acid chemical biology that showcased the award-winning work of Chuan He, and concluded with a reception. The 2019 Natural Product Reports Emerging Investigator Lectureship was presented
during our session on Chemical Signaling Between Organisms. Thanks also to Wiley Journals for the Murray Goodman award symposium contextualizing the award to David Beratan on electron transfer over many time and distance scales. Questions we once could not even ask are now being answered.

All of this and more was organized by Phil Bevilacqua with assistance from Mark Distefano and a number of generous program chairs. However we are particularly grateful to all the speakers and presenters of posters. Several of us agreed that some of the best talks in the meeting were heard by those attending the graduate student, postdocs and young investigators symposia on Wednesday and Thursday. The Sunday evening posters covered a wide array of science, and I enjoyed the chance to talk at leisure with the enthusiastic young researchers who will be our next stars. This is a great way to wrap up a day of sitting in dark rooms, with a truly interactive tour of what’s up and coming. As you make up your schedule for the San Diego meeting, be sure to set aside time to visit our posters! (Sunday and Tuesday evenings).

Another welcome product of the National Meeting has been member feedback. Two suggestions we intend to work on are a session to showcase the research being done at Primarily Undergraduate Research institutions, and a session to be organized and run entirely by students. If you would be willing to help with either of these, please contact our next Program Chair, Mark Distefano ( and see our division of Biological Chemistry (DBC) web site to submit a proposal for a symposium. For support for student initiatives see the ACS web site.

For more information, please see the newsletter below!

I welcome your feedback,

Anne-Frances Miller

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