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Message from the Chair: Anne-Frances Miller, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues and Friends in Science,

A Division of All Ages:
In this summer newsletter, I have the privilege of highlighting steps in the careers of some of our most accomplished members, as well as our inspiring young blood. I hope to inspire you with snapshots of award winners who are being honoured with this year’s division awards. If you will be at the National meeting in San Diego, come and hear them speak, in our symposia designed to showcase their work and put it in perspective. Have a look at our Biological Division summary program, at the end of this newsletter, that distills the division’s events into a convenient two-page format that you can print (2-sides) fold up and stash in the back of your badge holder. Stay after the Hammes awards session to meet with representatives of our journal Biochemistry, and speak with the award winners. These are role models and guides along the way for division members of all ages. Your division officers have created a number of opportunities to network, and get the details behind the great science. The vital tips as to how you have to do what in order for it to work. Be active, join a conversation, get more out of your meeting, and ….. give a little too. You’ll be glad you did.

For more information, please see the newsletter below!

I welcome your feedback,

Anne-Frances Miller

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