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Message from the Chair: Anne-Frances Miller, Ph.D.

Dear Members of the Division of Biological Chemistry,

We are all busy. We have said this before, but it is more true than ever now. More than ever, it is important to pause, to touch base with what gives our efforts value. The following letter is short, so you can read right to the bottom. Please do so because in addition to celebrating new winners of awards, I urge to you lift up a colleague and nominate someone for an ACS National Award, possibly someone deserving who has been overlooked. For our rising stars, all of you, please see the call for social media energy. And for everyone, everyone! the division had a gift for you: a gift of science. Please see the on-line live-streamed #ChemistsLive day of science we are bringing to you thanks to efforts by the Division of Catalysis. In this, we feature lectures by award winners and young voices in our division, with the registration fee paid for by us, for you. Enjoy, Friday 25 September, see you there!

For more information, please see the newsletter below!

Anne-Frances Miller

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