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Message from the Chair: Anne-Frances Miller, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues,

That was the year, that was!

As a numbers-person, it is tempting to compare my weight now with its value last year at this time. But not tempting enough; I can find other numbers to focus on. Membership: is UP. That’s YOU. Thank you for joining us, and thank you for staying.

You are all busy, but I appreciate that so many of you take a moment out to participate in division activities. Many members joined us for #ChemistsLive, which I thought was a great grassroots effort, led by the Division of Catalysis. Highlights are below, and you likely heard about it first here. However we now have a new initiative afoot to connect via Twitter, for those of you who prefer greater interactivity (see more below). We were able to identify a great person to lead this thanks to her response to an invitation in the previous newsletter, and efforts by members of our advisory committee especially Kelly Chacón. The current end-of-2020 newsletter includes these and other updates from the division. However by far the most important news concerns, as usual, our people. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has recognized our secretary, Wayne Outten, with fellowship. I am also delighted to welcome a new wave of energetic officers, and ask you all to thank those retiring.

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Anne-Frances Miller

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