Application for a Travel Award

The Division offers travel awards on a competitive basis for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend each national meeting and present a poster or oral presentation on their research. The selected awardees will be reimbursed up to $600 for travel and registration expenses. ACS membership costs are not reimbursable. Receipts must be submitted along with a request for reimbursement after the meeting. The following stipulations apply:

  • No more than two awards will be made to one laboratory for a single ACS meeting
  • No individual can win more than one division travel award (during their lifetime)
  • Applicants must be members of ACS and the BIOL Division
  • Applicants must be presenting in an oral or poster session in the BIOL Division program
  • Awardees are ineligible for additional reimbursement from the division for the same presentation that is directly covered by the travel award

A student/postdoc travel award cannot be deferred to a later National Meeting. Anyone unable to use their travel award funds at the National Meeting for which the application was made will need to submit an entirely new application, and there is no guarantee that the new application will be chosen for funding.

A student/postdoc is eligible to receive travel award funds only if the student/postdoc has actually presented an abstract (poster or oral) at the corresponding ACS National Meeting. If for whatever reason (e.g., failure to submit an abstract, nonselection of the abstract, personal decision to change travel plans) the student/postdoc does not present an abstract at the meeting, then no division travel award funds will be provided.

To apply for a Travel Award

(1) Download and complete the Travel Award Application near the bottom of this page.
(2) Attach a printed copy of your abstract.
(3) Attach a one page CV.
(4) Attach a signed letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor.
(5) Attach proof of ACS and BIOL Division membership, such as a copy of your receipt of a printout of “My Account” from showing your active BIOL division membership.
(6) Send ONE COMPLETE PDF FILE of this material as single EMAIL attachment to the Program Chair, listed below.

The deadline for submission of an application for a travel award to the Fall meeting is June 30, 2023. Program Chair: Kate Carroll.

Application for a Travel Award

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