Massachusetts Institute of Technology

For outstanding contributions in scientific research at the interface of chemistry and biology, particularly in the realm of biochemistry, biological chemistry and molecular biology.

In accordance with the mandate to recognize ‘an established investigator for outstanding contributions in the field of biological chemistry’, Prof. JoAnne Stubbe has been chosen to receive the 2020 Gordon Hammes ACS Biochemistry Lectureship. The Gordon Hammes Lecture Award is sponsored jointly by Biochemistry and the ACS Division of Biological Chemistry.  Prof. Stubbe is an icon known across biological chemistry for her creative, rigorous, fearless, undaunted pursuit of truth in biochemistry. From single-electron chemistry through coordinated movements of domains, Prof. Stubbe has established new paradigms and given us a legacy of brilliant discoveries.  On top of her own hard-won successes, she distinguishes herself in the energy and time she has devoted to mentoring. In her teaching and in simple conversations at posters, Prof. Stubbe has inspired an untold number of younger biochemists and an extensive network of collaborators. Her impact extends well beyond her numerous excellent publications. With 98 papers in Biochemistry and a record of service to this journal, as well as the Division of Biological Chemistry, it is eminently fitting that we honour her with the award that represents the close collaboration between us and a community of scholars. This is a small testimony of appreciation for the outstanding contributions of all kinds, and the extraordinary biochemical journeys she has led us on.

Stubbe will present a talk and receive her award during the Gordon Hammes ACS Biochemistry Symposium at the 260th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, held in San Francisco, Aug. 16-20, 2020.