The ACS Infectious Diseases Young Investigator Award and the ACS Division of Biological Chemistry recognize outstanding young investigators in the infectious diseases field who are within ten years of their last training experience or at the Assistant Professor level.

Tania Lupoli

Tania Lupoli is an assistant professor of chemistry at New York University in New York City. “Dr. Lupoli was selected because of her impressive research program applying chemical biology tools to study infectious diseases,” says ACS Infectious Diseases Editor-in-Chief Courtney C. Aldrich. “Specifically, the committee was impressed by her research to understand the role of… Read More

Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez is an associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry, at University of California, Santa Cruz. “Dr. Sanchez was chosen based on her outstanding research program applying cutting-edge mass spectrometry techniques, including imaging mass spectrometry, to study pathogens in vitro and in host tissues,” says ACS Infectious Diseases Editor-in-Chief Courtney C. Aldrich. “Her work to understand… Read More

John Whitney

John Whitney is the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Microbiology and the Burroughs Wellcome Investigator in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. “Dr. Whitney was selected for his pioneering work on bacterial secretion systems (type VI and VII) in gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, says ACS Infectious Diseases Editor-in-Chief Courtney C.… Read More