Nominees shall have accomplished outstanding work in enzyme chemistry where the presence of enzyme action is unequivocally demonstrated. The nominee shall be engaged in noncommercial work and no more than 12 years shall have passed since they completed their last period of postdoctoral training by April 1, 2022. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that the candidate meets this timeline, and the nominating letter must state this. This prize cannot be made to a person who received another award sponsored by Pfizer, Inc., for the same technical accomplishment.

Submission of Formal Nominations for the Pfizer Award: If you know of a deserving candidate for the Pfizer award, please submit the candidate’s curriculum vitae with a list of publications and a letter explaining his/her special achievements (as a PDF) to DBC Secretary, Wayne Outten, at the address given below. Additional letters of support for the candidate are desirable. Deadline: June 15, 2021

All materials should be sent via email to:
F. Wayne Outten
University of South Carolina