Reminder about 241st ACS Travel Awards

Travel Awards to Attend the ACS 241st National Meeting in Anaheim, March 27-31, 2011

The Division of Biological Chemistry will offer travel awards on a competitive basis for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend the meeting and present a poster on their research. The selected travel awardees will be reimbursed up to $500 for expenses. Receipts must be submitted along with a request for reimbursement after the meeting. No more than two awards will be made to any laboratory.

To apply for a Travel Award

(1) Fill in the Travel Award Application from the DBC Website.

(2) Attach a printed copy of your abstract.

(3) Attach a one page CV.

(4) Attach a signed letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor.

(5) Send ONE COMPLETE PDF FILE of this material as single EMAIL attachment to the Program Chair, J. Martin Bollinger at:

(6) Be sure to use a subject line of “ACS Travel Awards” for your electronic application.

The deadline for submission of an application for a travel award is January 15, 2011.


  1. Do i have to be a member to apply for the awards?

  2. Hi Xiaohua, No membership is required. Anyone involved in the study of Biological Chemistry can apply.


  3. Priyanka Chitranshi says:

    What is the deadline for abstract submission for poster for Fall 2011 ACS national meeting in Denver for the Division of Biological Chemistry? I would also like to know the Travel Award deadline. Thank you for your help.

    1. Priyanka,

      Abstracts for Denver close on April 1. Deadline for travel awards is June 15.


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